Moonless Sonata

by JW Tomekin

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A song based off of Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata. Checkout the video that goes along with it:


its a sonata, so there is no lyrics, but there is a poem that goes along with it, and that tells how the song was conceived


By: JW Tomekin

Black light and white darkness fall
On swollen knuckles as they crawl
across the keys.
It is the still hours before morning, and I can’t sleep.
I can’t stop thinking of you
And how you left me.
I play the song you loved to hear
The one with no words.
I play with hope that you’ll hear it again one day
I play with spite that you won’t.
I play for the drops of rain pretending
to be stars that have gathered on my windows
To watch me.
At this hour of night we all pretend
To be something we’re not.
They flicker and shine
Their brightest when the minor chords ring.
The minor chords break me.
I want to sing, but this song has no lyrics,
I want to cry, but this song is too proud.
So I unmake Beethoven’s masterpiece
And make it again
And I make it my own.
But somehow it now sounds, not better, no,
It sounds more right.
Somehow it sounds louder
Unseen in the orange glow of the streetlights.
That have wandered into my living room.
Somehow it seems more true now that it is mine.
I play it again and again
For me and the rain
And the night that will have soon left me too.
I play the minor chords, and they break me still
But now they are mine
And now as I am being unmade
I am made anew.


released December 19, 2012
Piano: JW Tomekin



all rights reserved


JW Tomekin Portland, Maine

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